As an illustrator and a gallery artist, I've been making work for magazines, books, and galleries for the past several years.  I grew up in Indiana and Oregon where I cultivated my passion for drawing and storytelling. Since 2007 I've been pursuing my career in editorial and publishing industries as well as showing work in galleries across the country. I work out of my studio space at The Compound Gallery in Oakland, CA.

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2007-2010 California College of the Arts | BFA Illustration


The Boston Globe, NBCSports, Dark Horse Comics, KenFulk Inc., 826 Valencia, Freedom Magazine, Makeunder, LiveandLuca

Group Exhibitions:


     In Dreams  | Spoke Art | New York NY

     100.100.100 show | Sketch Pad Gallery | San Francisco 

     Miyazaki Art Show | Spoke Art | San Francisco 


     Bad Dads VII | A Wes Anderson themed show | Spoke Art | New York NY 

    The Monkey King  | Sketch Pad Gallery | San Francisco


    Lord of the Thrones | Spoke Art | San Francisco

    La couleur de l'étrangeté: Jeunet & Caro” | Spoke Art | San Francisco 

    Bad Dads VI: Works dedicated to the films of Wes Anderson | NYC 

   12 x 12  | Woot Bear Gallery | San Francisco